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Morningstar Logo is my go-to for initial investing research & financial statement breakdowns before diving into company-specific annual reports. The breadth of Moringstar’s information is superb!

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I really like using Yahoo! Finance for charting and comparing price performance, as well as the statistics on certain companies such as short positions, analysts expectations, etc. It is a great visual compliment to

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Whale Wisdom (top) and DATAROMA (bottom) are excellent resources for keeping up with the 13-F filings of the most successful investors in the world. Forty-five days after the start of every quarter, investors who manage more than $100M are required by the SEC to disclose their holdings, revealing positions they have sold, reduced, added to, or bought. Why try to find investment ideas on your own when the most successful can give you ideas?

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Seeking Alpha is a community where investors post, analyze, and discuss investment ideas. Outside of reading, I have learned more about investing from the analysis and interactions I have had with contributors on Seeking Alpha.


Market Access

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The vast majority of my investing is brokered by Fidelity. Fidelity boasts world-class research, has access to a lot of equities and funds, and allows investors to DRiP dividends back into the dividend-paying equity for free. Furthermore, Fidelity recently lowered their transaction fee to $4.95 from $7.95 per trade.

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I manage some funds through Scottrade and have been very pleased with the experience. Scottrade’s user interface can seem a little dated but their customer service is great and they offer a FRiP place. FRiP is a “Flexible Reinvestment Plan” where dividends pool until enough are available to purchase at least one share of any stock, not just the stock that issued the dividend, without paying a transaction feed. Not a bad way to compound!


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The robo-advisors are taking over! While I do not use Betterment for personal investing, I do use them for building up savings toward specific goals. Betterment is a great alternative for beginning investors who want to gain access to the markets, pay low fees, and have their portfolios managed tax-efficiently. If I did not enjoy self-directed investing, I would use Betterment for my families entire portfolio.

Organization & Tracking

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For tracking personal income & expenses, I use Some investors want a one-stop-shop and use Personal Capital to track both their spending and portfolio. offers more customization and goal setting for personal finance. I prefer this heightened level of customization.

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While I use to track personal expenses, I have not found anything that beats Personal Capital for tracking your portfolio. You can view sector breakdowns, track cash flows, and manage your diversification all from one spot.


Blogs & Podcasts

Meb Faber is the co-founder and Chief Investment Officer of Cambria Investment Management. He studies quantitative trends in the markets and discusses his findings on his blog, white papers, and books. Meb’s research has led to the creation of an investment strategy that utilizes trend following with tilt towards value and momentum across a global asset allocation. I highly recommend reading his works, and tuning in to his podcast to learn from top investing gurus.

Mohnish Pabrai is a former information technology entrepreneur. After selling his business, he started an investment fund that has returned 25.7% annually since 1995. He practices value investing and is a disciple of Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger. Mohnish frequently communicates with his readers and fans at his blog.


John Huber is a value investor and portfolio manager at Saber Capital Management, LLC. He closely follows the teachings of Walter Schloss, Mohnish Pabrai, Benjamin Graham, and Warren Buffett. John has a knack for effectively communicating how to analyze and valuate businesses. His methods are documented in the numerous articles and white papers on his blog.

Jason Fieber is a dividend growth investor who achieved financial independence at 33 years old. He documents his journey to financial independence while painting a vivid picture of what freedom looks like from the other side. Jason is now pursuing his dreams and passions with absolute total control over his time.





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