Holden Alexander

Growing up on a farm cultivated an early, involuntary exposure to the principles of long-term thinking, investing and finance. I recognized at an early age that identification, analyzation, and preparation of soil for planting increases the chances for a multi-fold harvest. Once planted, seed is left to take root, sprout, and mature to produce more seed, passively.

Successful investing is about finding the right fundamental soil to sow with excess cash. An engineer by education but a farmer at heart, I enjoy studying and discussing the makings of excellent businesses while patiently waiting for opportunities to invest in said companies when priced for the best long-term returns. Much of my time is spent reading biographies about the past and business reports about the present, in an attempt to understand where cash may flow and grow in the future.

My goal in investing is to compound capital such that my wife and I can achieve financial independence in our youth. As Charlie Munger would say, “Total Freedom.” I follow the principles of value investing as taught by Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger. I look to identify companies possessing strong competitive advantages in the market that are priced below the intrinsic value of the business. I am drawn to businesses with strong top and bottom line growth, high returns on equity and invested capital, strong balance sheets, and stable or growing margins. Opportunities to invest in such companies at attractive prices do not present themselves often. Through study and continually learning, I hope to be prepared to seize those windows before they close. Don’t hesitate to contact me. I look forward to interacting and sharing with my readers!


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